Our Concept


Poptata story began on May 2015. A temporary gazebo was set up during the weekend in Portobello Road market.

Marco and Luca wanted to share their passion for Fries with Londoners, they knew they'd love it.

The chip is an institution, a monument to British culinary tradition and they think it is something to be celebrated.

So with a modern style, Poptata presented a new fresh snack time alternative taking his wares to London markets and festivals.


Now Poptata serves up the most delicious chips and cheesy fries in London with a permanent location at Boxpark Croydon , Boxpark Shoreditch  and Portobello Road. An instant neighbourhood fixture, that welcome people from all over the city, country and world who gather together to enjoy different kind of fries. The company ethos are uniqueness, quality and simplicity.


Our mission is to make you happy with our food and to inspire you with our tickling flavour combinations.


Our Fries


At Poptata we source our potatoes from British farmers and use only the finest spuds, not too waxy and not too floury.

The type of potato we use varies slightly through the year.

We peel and cut the potatoes ourself and fry them twice at different temperatures.

Double frying gives the fries that crunchy exterior and fluffy, well-flavoured interior that defines a

CLASSICS FRIES with a range of signature dips.

Also you can order the LEGENDARY CHEESY FRIES with finest grated cheeses and our special sauces.


ALWAYS finished with our mouthwatering herbal seasoning and ALWAYS served in bespoke cones

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